40 Days of Writing and Painting

In Events, Painting, Writing by Zoe Nathan

Six days ago, I decided to take on a challenge to write everyday for forty days. Today, I’ve decided to add painting to the challenge. My friend Kate Graham inspired me by creating this project for writing, and inviting others to join her and benefit from the commitment in their own way. I have chosen to publish my writings in one of four venues daily: – Here! – On my Twitter profile – On my Facebook artist page – and in my diary. Sorry- no link! Between having video and photo work in progress for clients and getting myself ready to hang a solo art show this Friday, the timing may seem a bit off. But being that the nature of the assignment is rather open, I’ve decided that there’s nothing like a good challenge to force me to prioritize and fit everything I want into each day. So… Let the writing and painting begin! My second cousin, Thomas, was born this morning, much to the utter delight of his close and extended family! As I welcome him into the world, I’ve also grounded eighteen fresh little canvases, blank and ready to unfold, yielding what only time and perseverance can reveal.