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Have I suddenly started blogging because it’s been out there for a while and is tried and true, having yet to spontaneously explode or exhibit any other such formidable signs of product failure? Or is it because I am truly not getting any younger and now is just as good a time as any to be more communicative? The latter, I’m afraid. After five years of contemplating going to art school, I thought I’d finally make myself accountable to a larger crowd when it comes to making art and taking action. We’ll see how it fairs this time around!


  1. I’m glad you are approaching this new communication medium to express a little bit about you… and your art. it looks great! i really like the bushy eyebrows of the painting on top. did you paint that zoe?

  2. Zoe, I am following your challenge and appreciating the work. I was sort of expecting the same theme from 21 perspectives and/or element variations. Do you have set goals? I want to know how you took the photograph without glare.

  3. Thanks for your interest and your questions, Yoko! I’m so happy to hear that you are following my progress, as this makes me accountable not just to myself.

    I think my goal in this challenge, beyond just completing a painting a day, is to explore both theme and style and use each painting as an experiment. That means to some extent, expect the unexpected, because I plan to change it up fairly continuously.

    However, that being said, I love portraiture, so that theme may appear more than others. I may in the future do something like you described, and try to do the same subject using many different styles or perspectives.

    On the subject of photographing the work, I have a 500w work light that I use while I paint, and if I’m photographing at night, then I generally use the light to shoot the still wet and thus very reflective work. I don’t have a professional light set up for this yet, so I held the light at an angle so the light bounced off a wall and lit the painting with diffused light and virtually no glare.

    Thanks again for your interest!

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