A Comedy of Errors

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One thing has led to another to make today unproductive. Letting myself slip yesterday thinking I would pick up the slack today led to plans unraveling. One distraction occurred when I ran across the street from my apartment out of curiosity to see an old house that had gone up for sale. It saddened me a bit, because we used to hear musicians practicing wonderful French gypsy folk music from that house from the apartment. Anyway, I saw the 1915 style hardwood floors and shelving, large basement for making ceramics, and perfect detached art studio for painting over a two car garage, and I was in love! I digress, but it was quite ironic: an artist’s dream home that there’s no way I could afford, right down the street! Most of the rest of the distractions were fairly typical of me when I’m in a hurry: I forgot to bring two extra papers for today and tomorrow’s paintings when I raced out of the apartment for an overnight trip to my parent’s ranch today. Then, after making two more primed papers from material I had here, I knocked over a glass jar half-full of water, which spilled over one of the newly primed papers and broke all over the floor where I was getting ready to work. The rest is yet to come. I have two hours and I hope that’s enough to finish at least yesterday’s work!