Artists & Easels in Los Olivos

In Ceramics, Events, Painting by Zoe Nathan

This year’s Artists and Easels event was an exercise in speedy hanging and disassembling of a show. I’m not quite sure what my record time is for getting 16 paintings up, plus half a dozen pieces of pottery arranged, but I believe it’s safe to say it has improved with the practice! For four hours I greeted those with staunch enough to come to Los Olivos on a cold rainy Saturday. The space was so great, both Gwen Cates and I were sad to take our work down so soon from the walls of what was once the Judith Hale Gallery in Los Olivos. The space, now vacant, has a notice of intent to serve alcohol on the premise, so undoubtedly it is bound to become another wine tasting store front. Below are pictures of Gwen Cates’ colorful landscapes and my portraits and pottery, along with Bill Cates’ wine barrel furniture creations. Enjoy the event virtually! Gwen Cates and me, (from left to right.) Gwen Cates and Michele Pike.