Barack Obama— A Portrait for Success!

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With the Pennsylvania vote coming out tomorrow, I thought I’d send out a bit of positive energy for the Obama campaign in the form of a portrait of Obama! I’m pleased with today’s work, even if I had wanted to finish it on Earth Day, (yesterday.) Here’s the final painting, (Click to enlarge photo): Portrait of Barack Obama Here the painting in progress


  1. Hi my name is Annette finley. The painting you did on obama look,s good. I am trying to learn to paint myself but with no money I cannot go to art school so I am on my own. So I look on the web for a step by step how to paint portraits. It didn,t do me any good. So I look up obama paintings and I saw your,s I said maybe she can help me can you? what paints did you use oil or acrylic what colors and highlights did you use. Can you tell me step by step thank you

    1. Annette, my suggestion is to study the photos of the process and imitate. Learning to draw is an important first step, and second, knowing some color theory is a very important factor in mixing the palette for a painting. Best of luck!

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