Come along on the Santa Barbara Studio Artists 2010 Open Studio Tour

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It was fun to take the Wildling Art Museum Studio Art Tour last Fall in the Santa Ynez Valley, so I thought doing the same in Santa Barbara would be an interesting diversion for a weekend with an artist friend from out town. Artist as spectators was fun for two day, but by night, we had to hit the studio and get some work done ourselves! Here’s the parts of the tour that we managed to see during the two days in chronological order. Click on the photos to view them larger. Warner-Nienow-Artist Warner Nienow in his studio, with many glowing still-life, landscape, and architectural paintings. Warner-Nienow-Artwork Still life paintings by Warner Nienow. Judy-Nienow-artist Judy Nienow with some of her architectural paintings. For a more light-hearted genre, Nienow paints scary dolls! See below! Judy-Nienow-scary-doll-paintings I can definitely envision these in Culver City’s Billy Shire Fine Art. Judy-Nienow-paintings More paintings by Judy Nienow. Marlene-Struss Marlene Struss in front of some of her Cubist seeming collages. P1120538 Smaller prints of Struss’ work. Jamee-Aubrey-Artist Jamee Aubrey in her studio filled with natural light and landscape paintings in progress. John-Rowbottam-Artist John Rowbottam with a botanical piece. He also showed some landscape and figurative work. B-J-Stapen-Artist B. J. Stapen in her studio overlooking Santa Barbara, surrounded by her lovely landscapes. B-J-Stapen-Studio-view The view! Betsy-Gallery-artist-demo Betsy Gallery demonstrating how she cuts the small chip of colored glass for her lovely mosaics. Betsy-Gallery-artist Gallery, like many of the other artists, had an inspiring garden to walk through on her way to the studio! Betsy-Gallery-artwork One of Betsy Gallery’s intricate glass and ceramic mosaics. Ann-Shelton-Beth Ann Shelton Beth by one of her many serene seascapes. Ann-Shelton-Beth-painting A painting by Ann Shelton Beth. Holli-Harmon-Artist Holli Harmon by two of her energetic figurative paintings. Holli-Harmon-Artwork Harmon’s still life paintings on tapestries. Holli-Harmon-Artwork-2 A figurative painting by Holli Harmon. Thomas-Mann-Artist Thomas Mann in front of a few of his American and European landscapes. Thomas-Mann-Artwork Thomas Mann next to a landscape in progress. Ann-Sanders-Artist Ann Sanders in front of some of her pastel landscapes. Ann-Sanders-Artwork A giclée on canvas of one of Ann Sander’s pastel landscapes. Gerry-Winant-Artist Gerry Winant by some of his oil landscape paintings. Marilee-Krause-Artist Next we went to El Zoco Artists Complex and saw the studio of Marilee Krause. Krause in front of some of her pastel and watercolor works. Marilee-Krause-Artwork A landscape by Marilee Krause. Tom-DeWalt-Artist Tom De Walt in his studio at El Zoco Artists Complex, in front of some of his sea and landscapes. Tom-DeWalt-Artwork Landscapes by Tom De Walt. Francis-Scorzelli-Artist Francis Scorzelli in his studio at El Zoco Artists Complex, with some small and large scale abstract works. Pamela-Enticknap-Artist Pamela Hill Enticknap in her charming studio in Carpinteria, displaying some sketches that inspire her beach-narratives and figurative work. Pamela-Enticknap-Artwork Some of Pamela Hill Enticknap’s figurative work. Dorothy-Churchill-Johnson-Artist2 Dorothy Churchill Johnson by one of her large-scale paintings in progress. Dorothy is having a solo show at the Elverhoj Museum in November. The reception is on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 27th, from 3-5 pm. Dorothy-Churchill-Johnson-Artist Dorothy Churchill Johnson in front of three of her large-scale realistic paintings. Thanks all, for an enjoyable tour!


  1. Zoe- Very nicely done! You never know what people are going to do with those little cameras. You add a nice cross-section that is comprehensively organized and generally well shot.
    Good luck to you and let me know when your event is- if it hasn’t passed. I will try to engage in the ‘diversion’ of coming by.


  2. Zoe, what a lovely surprise! I’m not acquainted with all the artists here, so this is really wonderful to see what my compadres actually look like, as well as their work. This blog makes me feel very proud of our group. Thanks!
    P.S. After the Tour, I checked out your art too…I hope I emailed you saying that I am very impressed with your work also, but if not, I am. Good luck with your open studio and your art career.


  3. Thanks, John and Marlene! The Wildling Art Museum studio tour that I’m participating in is the weekend of November 20-21, from 10 am -4 pm each day. The reception is Saturday at the Wildling Museum from 4-6 pm.

  4. zoe… awesome coverage! A+. Warner admired your blog posting a few days ago, but I just got to it. I so appreciate the multitude of our images you included (and that I was not wearing horizontal stripes) and the overall scope and skill of the participating artists you included. We’ve never visited ANY of these studios ourselves, so it was a super treat to see where Holly, BJ, Dorothy, Francis, Marilee and Thomas work because we love their “products.” Absolute good luck to you during your tour. Rest up in advance. They are really tiring. We were total zombies for 3 days afterwards, and spent about 3 weeks gradually disassembling and packing away the displays. Ours was, nonetheless, a positive experience. Hadn’t done one of these for about 7 years, and really appreciated the excellent feedback from our hundred-plus visitors.
    Thanks again … Judy N

  5. Zoe,

    Thanks so much for documenting a great portion of the SBSA open studio tour. You have done a great service for SBSA. Thanks for including the photos of Judy and me and our paintings. How did you get such a good photo of Judy’s scary doll painting in that dimly lit hallway?

    I really appreciate seeing all of the works done by other artists (along with small portions of their studios) We don’t normally get to see these as we are always held prisoners in our own studios during a tour.

    Best wishes for success in the studio tour you are part of.

  6. I want to get my 13 year old daughter to the open studio tour, but don’t have tickets. Although she is not a painter, she is a true talent in sketch. Anyone out there have extra 2 tickets so that she can be exposed to the inside world of artists?! Thanks and if not now, hopefully in a year we can be there…

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