New Painting for Halper’s “Between Seer and Seen” Book Opening Reception

In Events, Painting by Zoe Nathan

I haven’t posted about my art here for many months, and in an attempt to rectify that, I’ve started the new year on a digital diet. This principally has meant no more Facebook perusal for the entirety of January, beyond posting news on my art page.  The result of this abstinence is increased productivity in the studio. My newest painting, Artist Muse II, will be in the “Between Seer and Seen” exhibit, presenting Mark Robert Halper‘s new book of that title. The book showcases artists in Santa Barbara County, and I’m happy to be included. Each of Halper’s photo portraits of the artists will be paired with a six square inch miniature piece by the artist. The work is themed on art and love, for Valentine’s Day. The show’s opening reception will be at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club’s 2nd Friday Art exhibit, February 14th, 2014, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

Artist Muse II

Artist Muse II Oil on canvas, 2014,  6×6″ $550