The 29th Annual Los Olivos Quick Draw & Arts Festival August 15th, 2015

In Events, Painting by Zoe Nathan

As this year’s season of art events sweeps in quickly, I’m excited to announce my second showing of the year will be in the silent auction of the 29th annual Los Olivos Quick Draw & Arts Festival on August 15th! This year I’m participating in the  silent auction for the first time, with five paintings submitted, and am excited to join artist friends and acquaintances who have built quite a state-wide draw of art appreciators yearly to attend at Mattei’s Tavern in Los Olivos. I anticipate a very enjoyable event, with some pieces in the stakes this year, and look forward to watching the Quick Draw artists paint and draw in a fervor, followed by a live auction for the completed pieces after the hour long period in which the artists have to complete their work. So far, I haven’t been tempted into participating in that part of the event. But perhaps at some future point, I’ll work up the speed and nerve to do so. There’s an interactive aspect to it that both repels and intrigues me: the thought of working and trying to concentrate while fielding potential questions and comments seems like quite a challenge, not to mention the time constraint. However, this provides a rare opportunity for artists and art appreciators to engage. Speaking of rare opportunities, how cool is it to come to an event like Quick Draw, where so much organization and volunteer work is poured into entertaining all the senses for a day, and enhancing art appreciation in these lovely rural parts? There’s always a terrific turnout, and for good cause. Artists bravely exhibiting their process in front of a crowd, art works on exhibit for sale and auction, and all the charm of the historic Mattei’s Tavern. So drive on out to Santa Ynez Valley and enjoy a day of sights, tastes, and delights of all forms! Here’s the venue: Mattei's_DSF9574 A note about the pieces I have submitted— they are very dear to me, with friends having modeled for most of them. Alas, making them available for sale creates more room in the studio to start or finish new works! Below are my painting submissions available in the silent auction. I hope to see you there, but if not, check back soon to see photos from the event.

1_Zoe-Nathan_Captive Captive Oil on Canvas. 10×8″ Canvas, 15×13″ Frame. 2010

2_Zoe-Nathan_Artist-as-Muse-III Artist as Muse III Oil on Canvas. 10×8″ 2014

3_Zoe-Nathan_Heather-Artist-Muse Heather- Artist Muse Oil on Board. 9×9″ Canvas, 11×11″ Frame. 2012

4_Zoe-Nathan_Evening-in-Cerét Evening in Cerét Oil on Canvas Paper. 8×8″ Canvas, 9×9″ Frame. 2012

5_Zoe-Nathan_Baile Baile Oil on Canvas 14x11x1.5″ Canvas 2012