12 Week Challenge

In 12 Week Challenge, Painting by Zoe Nathan

Over a year ago, I took a 40 Day Challenge to write and paint daily. The results varied: although one piece sold as soon as I completed it, because I didn’t create a schedule with concrete goals to accomplish, I finished very few pieces. Four years prior, I did a 21 Day Painting Challenge, where I elected to do a painting a day, (with one day of prep), and posted them each night. With the structure of this challenge written out, I thrived and completed a number of works I was happy with, in spite of being a student and working. However, this was a bit cut throat, and didn’t allow me to layer and add the level of complexity that I like. In the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and have started many paintings, but finished few. Last Thursday, I decided it was time to finish all the paintings I’ve begun and assemble a new portfolio. To do so, I started a 12 Week Challenge, drafted a contract to work on writing and art everyday, and plan to complete eight smaller portraits and at least one large composition within that time. I also have a kiln half-filled with ceramics to bisque, which I’ve been meaning to fill with new work and fire for an embarrassing amount of time! Those too, I hope to fire within the next twelve weeks, and post my progress every week. Stay tuned! 5-works Five of the eight small portraits that I will complete in the next 12 weeks. Plus my mini goal sheet. So far, so good!