Another Frida and unpainted paintings

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I started a copy of Frida Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Monkey yesterday on a lovely recycled 11″x14″ canvas. I’ve been tempted at every point to call it quits because I love the juxtaposition of the abstract shapes and wonderful brush strokes and colors of the background with my homage to Kahlo. Here it is around noon: And here it is in the evening: I’m frustrated with myself only a little, after deliberating over three copies of Frida’s work, (the one above and two others I worked on today,) when I have so many ideas that are forced to lap the fishbowl of my mind. Friends, acquaintances, even fictional characters from films, books, and my imagination fight for their place on one of my canvases. They stare angrily through the moss and rust shades of my eyes, in disbelief that I would laps yet again into obsessing over a nose shadow on a Frida portrait finished about a year ago. Soon, you’ll see them here! They’ve been using a log on the door of my mind and are bound to come racing onto a canvas near you shortly!

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