Dara Mark’s show reception and more painting details

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Below is the most recent progress on the painting I started last week. I didn’t get much feedback, so I followed my instincts and put more detail. I ended up liking it better— what a surprise! After slaving over a yard sale for hopefully the last time, I rushed up to Los Alamos for Dara Mark’s solo show at the C Gallery. Another great show at Connie and Nina’s new contemporary art gallery. I particularly loved this piece: It’s formed from multiple translucent layers, so already it has a depth that draws you to it. The next thing you notice is that it interacts with light, so wherever you are in the room, you see quite a different painting. You have to walk around it and study it to really see all of its beauty. A lovely piece! Dara was my mentor when I was in high school. It was fun and educational to learn from her artistic sensibility  and techniques, and gain experience from showing my work for the first time in a group show at the end of the program. And speaking of teachers! I also studied art and drama in high school with Connie Rohde. That was fun and intense! A shy teenager breaking into Shakespeare in front of her peers wasn’t easy. Nor was taking advanced chemistry as a sophomore so I could fit Connie’s wonderful art class into my last semester at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School! I still cringe when I think of the oral report on vitamins I made in AP Chem! I think moments of extreme embarrassment like those that immediately followed my oral report serve to form our character. So fortunately, there was a bright side! I wish I had the patience to check if everyone’s eyes were open! Nina is second from the left, followed by Lily and Rob. Lily chatting with Dara, with Wayne in the background.


  1. Hi Zoe – what fun to find pictures of me, the art, the friends! That was a very special event for me, with so many people attending that I was connected to in so many different ways. You and Lily definitely added class to the gathering!

    Have a fun, joyful holiday and keep in touch.


  2. i am trying to get in touch with Dara Mark. i am a big fan of her work. Do you have her email address?

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