Dara Mark’s show reception and more painting details

In Events, Painting by Zoe Nathan

Below is the most recent progress on the painting I started last week. I didn’t get much feedback, so I followed my instincts and put more detail. I ended up liking it better— what a surprise! After slaving over a yard sale for hopefully the last time, I rushed up to Los Alamos for Dara Mark’s solo show at the C Gallery. Another great show at Connie and Nina’s new contemporary art gallery. I particularly loved this piece: It’s formed from multiple translucent layers, so already it has a depth that draws you to it. The next thing you notice is that it interacts with light, so wherever you are in the room, you see quite a different painting. You have to walk around it and study it to really see all of its beauty. A lovely piece! Dara was my mentor when I was in high school. It was fun and educational to learn from her artistic sensibility  and techniques, and gain experience from showing my work for the first time in a group show at the end of the program. And speaking of teachers! I also studied art and drama in high school with Connie Rohde. That was fun and intense! A shy teenager breaking into Shakespeare in front of her peers wasn’t easy. Nor was taking advanced chemistry as a sophomore so I could fit Connie’s wonderful art class into my last semester at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School! I still cringe when I think of the oral report on vitamins I made in AP Chem! I think moments of embarrassment like those that immediately followed my oral report serve to form our character. So fortunately, there was a silver lining! I wish I had the patience to check if everyone’s eyes were open! Lily chatting with Dara, with Wayne in the background.