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Self Portraits and a New Calendar

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It has been two weeks since I started my 12 week challenge, and a very busy two weeks! But where have I invested my effort? I have spread myself thin these last two weeks between polishing my language skills in French, Spanish, and now German, running farther than ever in my life (11+ miles), baking three batches of gluten-free cookies, practicing  piano nearly daily with lessons biweekly, and practicing karate in and out of class …
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12 Week Challenge

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Over a year ago, I took a 40 Day Challenge to write and paint daily. The results varied: although one piece sold as soon as I completed it, because I didn’t create a schedule with concrete goals to accomplish, I finished very few pieces. Four years prior, I did a 21 Day Painting Challenge, where I elected to do a painting a day, (with one day of prep), and posted them each night. With the …
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Good & Bad Design: Durability Versus Obsolescence by Design

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It’s has been precisely a year since I last posted, and covering that span of time, four months of which were spent intermittently traveling and stationary in Europe, presents a daunting challenge. Before I touch on the highlights of my two trips to Europe last year, I’d like to delve into something which has struck me since returning: the decline of good and sensible design in production and manufacturing since the dawn of industrialization and …