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2020 Through 2022 in Review

In 100 Day Art Challenge, Art Making, Drawing, Painting by Zoe Nathan

In 2022 I focused on still life painting and pet portraits. I was inspired to paint from the bounty of flowers and fruits available especially in Fall, and used some of the collection of vessels I’ve bought in recent years. I worked mostly in a small format, and loved the resulting imagery! I showed one still life in Sullivan Goss’s annual 100 Grand show, an older painting at the Uncanny exhibit at Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum …
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2018 and 2019 in Review

In Drawing by Zoe Nathan

During 2018 and 2019 I focused on more pen and ink sketches primarily, where I was concentrating on developing my Heroes Series. After watching Hidden Figures, I became fascinated with the women who broke racial and gender glass ceilings in becoming the calculators crucial to the success of the earliest space initiatives in the US. These portraits depict Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Katherine G. Johnson. I also started to look into the women who …
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2017 in Review

In Drawing, Painting by Zoe Nathan

I’ve recently dusted off my website and logged into my blog for the first time in four years! I found this unpublished post about 2017 and thought I’d post it though much time has passed. I’ll try to post about each year that has past and catch up anyone interested in what I’ve been doing these past few years of being MIA on my own website and blog. I mostly existed online on Instagram, (which …