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Vino de Sueños 2013 Submission: Sueños de Flamenco

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After finally being in one place for a whole month, I finished my painting submission for the Vino de Sueños charity art and wine auction 2013. The art can be viewed at St. Mark’s Church Sept. 20th, and at the event on Nov. 2nd. Hope to see you there! (Details below.) And stay tuned for more artwork on its way! Art Preview: Friday, September 20th 5:30-7:00 pm Location: St. Mark’s Church 2901 Nojoquio Ave. Los …
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Drawing and Renewing the 12 Week Challenge

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Some of my readers may have noticed my pin-drop silence on the blog throughout the length of my challenge. This was partly due to me re-prioritizing once I decided I was in fact going to test and compete at a karate tournament in Japan this summer. I definitely will own up to getting distracted by this and other activities and part-time jobs. What became a staple to my art practice during this time is drawing. …
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Self Portraits and a New Calendar

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It has been two weeks since I started my 12 week challenge, and a very busy two weeks! But where have I invested my effort? I have spread myself thin these last two weeks between polishing my language skills in French, Spanish, and now German, running farther than ever in my life (11+ miles), baking three batches of gluten-free cookies, practicing  piano nearly daily with lessons biweekly, and practicing karate in and out of class …