Horse Shows!

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Anyone who has showed knows the stress and excitement of it. Here, the rider is composed, waiting in a line to be judged. He is watching the judge make his way around. I positioned him slightly high in the picture to create a sense of nervous isolation. It is just you and the horse, and sometimes, it feels like it’s all about you and the state you are in before and while you ride. As long as your horse behaves, your riding should determine your performance. Here is the final painting: Here I’m racing against time to finish:


  1. heeeeey zoe!

    i have been keeping up with your blog- thanks for sharing… i love the progress you are making. it’s a great challenge. keep up the great work- i will be checking in regularly 🙂

    big hugs,

  2. Thanks so much, Zena! Your support really makes a difference! My motivation can start to lag, and feedback keeps me on track.

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