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Good & Bad News

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I have been able to start a number of painting in the last several days, some more exciting than others. That’s the good news! Here are some of the works: This was done completely with a palette knife Monday evening, September 1st. I believe it’s a 24″x 20″ recycled canvas. I’m debating whether to add details or not. I’ve got mixed responses from people I’ve asked! What do you think? More realistic or is it …
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More painting progress!

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I finally got rid of my hang-ups about finishing the painting of Gurumayi and put in the shrubs and few details missing in the face and hair. I’m much happier with it now. I experimented with using a pallet knife in addition to brushes again, and ended up liking the results. It’s much faster than only using the small brushes I typically  use. Here’s the painting:
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A lad, a new technique, & a walk through the Culver City art district

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I gave the painting a gold border as an allusion to my subject’s namesake, Gustav Klimt, and because the boy, like his brother, looks like a subject the Austrian artist might have painted. It could be finished as it is, but I suspect I’ll want to put a flower or two on the gold border once it all dries. After taping the gold border, I used a pallet knife to put in his hair, sweater, …