The Nathan Sisters Show at Artiste Winery, December 6th to 28th, 2008

In Events, Painting by Zoe Nathan

It was fun to finally get the chance to see my art hung side by side with my sister Lily’s in our show at Artiste Winery. The opening was yesterday, but it will remain up and available to see and purchase until December 28th. The entrance to the middle room, where our paintings were shown. Two of Lily’s paintings hang here. A corner crammed with my paintings. Lily’s paintings on the left, one of mine on the right. I painted these from photographs by Ernst Mutchnick. I also painted the models’ faces for the photo shoot. A cluster of my paintings. Lily and some of her lovely paintings. Artist and model, daughter and father. Lily and Barry Nathan in front of Lily’s paintings. lmz Lily and I with our singing teacher, who stopped by for a look at the show. Daiken, Lily, Rob, Michele, and Mac. Lily and I with friends. Lily and I with friends Rob, Daiken, Mac, and Michele. Lily in the foreground, and my mother getting creative in the background. I’m grateful to Simo, who put together a video that gives a taste of the show and surrounding wine-tasting and gallery rooms. Just to clarify, he shows some of the art that goes on the Artiste wine bottles, which is not ours. Enjoy!