Consistency matters…

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I’m exploring the concept in broader terms by doing this challenge; however, I learned that the consistency of gesso is also super important! Last night, when I started priming the papers around midnight, I toiled with the gesso, willing it to mix smoothly on the palette and spread evenly onto the paper. My brush continuously fell apart onto the surface of the paper as it pushed the glue-like gesso across, and I spent about an hour and half priming the paper with the first coat of gesso. This morning I thought for the second coat, I’d add some color and premix water with the gesso that was left from the previous night. The results were wonderful! First, the color allowed me to easily see where the gesso was applied, and it spread like butter and took only about a half an hour! Second, adding a bit of Burnt Sienna to the white gesso made a beautiful surface that’s much more inviting than the blank stare of bright white. As you can see below, it almost looks like a wood veneer! More paper! The paper Tomorrow, the second coat of gesso will be dry, and the real painting will begin! I can’t wait! At the scene of the crime! My kitchen table hasn’t seen this much use for months!

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