Life is in the details…

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I just bought a bunch of very fine pointed brushes for detail, and didn’t think to bring them with me for the occasion of my first painting of the series! Alas, it probably is the only reason I can credit for finishing a painting, satisfactorily or not! (Those of you who know me can attest that I can get a bit obsessive over detail. So being forced to retreat from it can be useful!)

Here it is, (click on it to enlarge photo):

Not the most impressive painting of my career, but I may cheat a little and touch it up later on…

You can see a bunch of paintings in the background, half of which are not finished. I think finishing unfinished paintings may just be my next blog adventure!

Nice to have support when your pulling an red-eye work schedule! Rob took these photos when I was just starting.

Thanks, and tune in for tomorrow’s painting!