Exciting Art Books and My Return to Painting!

In 21 Day Painting Challenge, Painting by Zoe Nathan

Two friends independently gave me art books, and right around the same time I ordered one for myself! I was inspired by all of them, but I’m in seventh heaven with the book I bought on Frida Kahlo! In order to justify buying an eighth book on Frida Kahlo, whom I’ve long adored, I ordered the cheapest copy of Lozano’s book I could find, which I imagined would be battered up, with the pages separating from the spine. Aside from a bit of wear on the dust jacket, I ended up getting a nearly new copy of what turned out to be *THE* book to own for Frida Kahlo fans! It has huge beautiful prints of paintings by her that I’ve never even seen before! I’m so glad I got it. Frida Kahlo by Luis-Martin Lozano I’ve copied several of her works, for the practice and to have around my home. Here is one that hangs to the side of my desk: After Frida Kahlo’s “Self-Portrait With Monkeys” (Oil on canvas, 24″x20″) How I’ve digressed! Back on the Painting Challenge front, here’s my progress on the painting of Gurumayi: Not quite finished, but close. Her face has so many subtly different shades and is so beautiful, I want to spend more time and make sure I do justice to the photograph. UPDATED PHOTO: Here’s after I put in a rough under-painting: I was super worried that the precious time I had spent on the palette would be wasted after waiting a day to paint, especially with the 90° heat spell we had for a few weird days. But the plastic wrap I had covered it with along with some Turpenoid kept it moist enough to use on the painting. Phew! Maybe some of you will appreciate a palette displayed in all its unglamorous utility! I’ve been using glass palettes since my junior year in college. I usually will get a dense scratch and shatter resistant piece of glass cut if I don’t have an extra lying around from a frame. I then tape the edges to a piece of white poster board for safety and to see the colors well.