In 21 Day Painting Challenge, Drawing, Painting by Zoe Nathan

It’s what keeps things spinnin’! I’m realizing that an artist I recently became aware of has influenced two of my choices already in this challenge. I first saw Shawn Barber’s work at Sullivan Goss Gallery in Downtown Santa Barbara, and was fascinated by his portraits of tattoo artists. I went to his site, and although it kind of creeped me out, I really liked his technique on a series of doll paintings. (Hence my first painting was of a Mexican flamenco dancer doll.) I confess, although I don’t think I would ever want a tattoo, I enjoy the art of it and love other people’s tattoos and body art. I loved painting the models’ faces for the photo series I’m currently painting, and I enjoyed drawing fake tattoos on a character for a friend’s short film. It’s seems I’m not alone in liking the body as a canvas, Shawn Barber now tattoos part time! It’s not something I’d ever considered, but it’s an interesting concept, now that I think of it! My first dabblings at tattoo art, (with permanent marker—not needle and ink!) . Here’s the finished painting: Here’s the painting, almost finished. Click it to view larger. Here it is as a drawing: