More Nationality Paintings

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This time Korea and Pan Africa. The girl who modeled for Korea has such a quiet elegance, and the Pan-African model has a gorgeous smile! Can’t wait to finish up. I’m also excited to be working on TWO paintings and managing this somehow on a Thursday, one of my busiest days! Awesome! I’m not sure we got the Pan-African Flag quite right… Oh well. We tried! Here’s the second one I worked on today: Here are the photos by Ernst Mutchnik that I worked from: (If you haven’t been following, I painted these gals’ faces about three years ago and decided to do again, except this time on paper.)


    1. Thanks for your question! If you’re referring to these nationality portraits in particular, they were shown in several galleries, and I still have three of them available for purchase. If you’d like to see my work in person, I’m currently showing in a group exhibit at the Santa Paula Art Museum.

  1. May i ask what has inspired you to creates these artworks and the elements present in your artwork? (:

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