Upcoming Birthday and Sister Show at Artiste Winery!

In Events, Painting by Zoe Nathan

It’s November and in addition to my birthday, I’m anticipating a show at the Artiste Winery in Santa Ynez! I’ll be sharing a room with my delightful sister Lily in our debut joint art show. It feels auspicious, but I know it will be more so if you all can make it to the opening reception on Saturday, December 6th, from 2-5 pm. I’m meeting with the manager/curator of the Santa Ynez location on Monday and will post more details afterword. I’d love to see some supportive faces in the crowd, as it’s a bit scary to be putting so much of my work out in the public for the first time, well— ever, really! The opening reception will overlap with a wine and culinary event at the gallery, so if you enjoy wine tasting, it will be an added bonus to enjoying Lily’s artwork and my own. Here’s a little piece I’ve been working on. It’s only 5″x7″. I started it long ago and had not worked it since. On another note, as a birthday present Lily is paying for my first ever voice lesson! I’m excited and nervous, but trust I will be in very good hands! Her instructor seems like the best teacher anyone could hope to have. In fact, I’m trying not to feel unworthy of this great gift and opportunity to explore singing, a skill I’ve always dreamed of developing and honing. Thank you Lily! It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts I have yet to receive!