Success in Failure

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I admit, I want to be ahead of the controversy over why I’ve let myself fall behind two days! After exhausting myself trying to complete paintings at night when the workday is too intense to paint, I’ve decided this schedule is not conducive to creating good art or learning. Last night, for instance, I was excited about mixing all the subtle shades of red in the girl’s face, but instead, I took as many short …
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Painting and National Identity

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I’m one painting behind, so tonight I’ll be trying to finish two works along the same theme. If you have visited my main website,, you may have seen the Miscellaneous page, which shows a face painting project I worked on for a photographer friend, Ernst Mutchnick. The models reported feeling quite peculiar wearing their country of origin on their face for everyone to see for a while after being photographed. The whole thing was …

A Comedy of Errors

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One thing has led to another to make today unproductive. Letting myself slip yesterday thinking I would pick up the slack today led to plans unraveling. One distraction occurred when I ran across the street from my apartment out of curiosity to see an old house that had gone up for sale. It saddened me a bit, because we used to hear musicians practicing wonderful French gypsy folk music from that house from the apartment. …