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More Nationality Paintings

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This time Korea and Pan Africa. The girl who modeled for Korea has such a quiet elegance, and the Pan-African model has a gorgeous smile! Can’t wait to finish up. I’m also excited to be working on TWO paintings and managing this somehow on a Thursday, one of my busiest days! Awesome! I’m not sure we got the Pan-African Flag quite right… Oh well. We tried!
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It’s what keeps things spinnin’! I’m realizing that an artist I recently became aware of has influenced two of my choices already in this challenge. I first saw Shawn Barber’s work at Sullivan Goss Gallery in Downtown Santa Barbara, and was fascinated by his portraits of tattoo artists. I went to his site, and although it kind of creeped me out, I really liked his technique on a series of baby doll paintings. (Hence my …

Success in Failure

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I admit, I want to be ahead of the controversy over why I’ve let myself fall behind two days! After exhausting myself trying to complete paintings at night when the workday is too intense to paint, I’ve decided this schedule is not conducive to creating good art or learning. Last night, for instance, I was excited about mixing all the subtle shades of red in the girl’s face, but instead, I took as many short …